Describing stories from conscious details has been always the creative basis for Emi Dávila, even before she was an Art Director.

With such deep roots and creativity originated from a family founded on, painting, sculpturing and engraving, it was the inspiration of her talent and a huge influence that baselined her life experience.

Emi, an artist from Quito, born in visual arts studies, made a transition into Universidad del Cine, a film school in Buenos Aires where she studied film directing, until finally she found her creative flow in art direction in Argentina´s: Instituto Universitario Nacional de Artes.

The visual distillation she possesses gives her the ability to connect style and commercial needs of an audiovisual product from a perspective of visual arts and design. Taking all of these into account, Emi has created audiovisual spaces, time periods, and entities that have been poetic, multifunctional, contemporary and have shown a unique aesthetic. This is why she established a solid 15-year career constantly on the rise, playing in a pendulum between film and publicity.